Strategic Planning

There's a saying that if you don't know where you're going any road will do.  Knowing where you are going and a strategy on how to get there is vital to your success.  The key to a great business strategy is an accurate assessment of your organization and your business environment.  We help you develop smart strategies for growing your business and its value and give you a clear roadmap to follow. 

Business Consulting

To move beyond just having customers you need many things in place.  We offer many ways to add value to improve your business sensibly and set it on the path to better business performance. 

Financial Intelligence

You must pay attention to cash flow or your business won't survive.  We provide a comprehensive analysis and financial risk assessment to show you how you can understand what the numbers are really telling you, the consequences of different management decisions, and how to dramatically improve your cash flow and profitability. 

Turnaround Support

One or more areas of the business not working well?   Not sure what to do about it?  We can help you develop a plan to work on the areas that need support and get them going in the right direction.

Business Coaching

Everyone benefits from having a coach.  Whether you are a new business owner or an experienced pro, having a business coach will reinvigorate you as a business owner and give you new ideas to increase business value.
Organizational  Diagnostics

Need to better understand how well some areas of your organization are working, or assess your business performance?   We have solutions that provide a comprehensive analysis of your business, tailored to your specific needs.

Employee Job Alignment 

How is your workforce alignment?  Some personality styles are better suited for some jobs than others.  Let us show you how you can ensure your employees are well-matched to their jobs for maximum performance.  Don't let employee job misalignments in key positions keep you from reaching your business goals.

Business Plans

We have affordable options for developing a business plan, whether you are a business startup or already established.
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